Bike Assembly Instructions

Not sure how to put your shiny new bike together? Follow the directions below to assemble your Bixe balance bike in as little as 5 minutes.

Assembly Steps

Step 1

bike assembly step 1 insert bushings

Press the large plastic bushings small end first into the head tube. Insert the smaller plastic bushings into the larger bushings as shown.

Step 2

bike assembly step 2 insert front fork

Insert the fork up through the bottom of the head tube. Slide the clamp down over the end of the fork.

Step 3

bike assembly step 3 insert handlebars into fork

Insert the handlebars into fork at least 2" deep. Make sure handlebars like up with the front wheel.

Step 4

bike assembly step 4 fasten clamp to handlebars

Fasten the clamp by turning the screw clockwise with the included allen wrench until snug.

Step 5

bike assembly step 5 insert seat post

Slide a clamp over the seat tube, aligning the guide on the clamp with the channel on the seat tube. Insert the seat post into the seat tube, ensuring the seat is facing straight. Ensure the seat post is inserted to the minimum marker or deeper for safety. Fasten the clamp until snug.